My name is SHEMARA, Born in 1985 and I live in Vlaardingen / The Netherlands . 

As a child I was fascinated in taking pictures, which eventually resulted in a study photography. After 4 years, I graduated in 2006.

After my studies I specialized myself in image designing. The will to photograph, however, remained. After the birth of my first child, children’s photography became my passion! Now I am a mother of 2 kids.


I only want to photograph children and want to distinguish myself in this. My strength lies in perfecting the image, this is my principle and vision.

I find it very important to connect with the children. The most important thing is to make them comfortable while photographing them and hoping they have fun!
I would like to stand out within children’s photography. I love it when people like it, but mostly I want to be happy about my creations. I love the natural beauty of children. They are who they are.

professioneel, beeldbewerking, fotografie, shemara, fine art.

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SHEMARA awards photographer
SHEMARA awards photographer
SHEMARA awards photographer
SHEMARA awards photographer
SHEMARA awards photographer


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